Wrap it up (to tie up and to bring to end.)

How our journey started

Wrap it up was founded by Christine. It started with a few head wraps that she sold through Facebook. Today Wrap It Up has turned into a headwrap collection and a brand that hopes to inspires women to love and embrace themselves.

” If we shared our stories more, we could identify more with each other “



We are inspired by African culture. A continent of colors and diversity.

Growing up we have seen our mothers and other women parade themselves in there colorful headwraps. They would make the most creative creations. The print, the colors and the way these women wore it with pride, made us always remember to be proud of where we come from.

What we stand for

We believe that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. You don’t need to be somebody else than perfectly you.


In a world where a standard image of beauty is created and where social media and traditional media makes a major contribution to showing perfection as opposed to reality.


We want you to see that the way you are is enough and that you don’t need to be somebody else. Embrace your flaws because that makes you who you are.


By telling personal stories we hope to inspire you and show that the grass is not always greener across the street and that you are certainly not the only one with flaws. But then again who cares that’s what makes us human right?

Welcome to Wrap It Up the place where we dare to be authentic
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