She is marvelous
The Face Behind Wrap It Up

Hi, my name is Christine and I’m 27 years young.

My love for headwraps started when I was a child. My mother was always creative when it came to binding her head with African headwraps. She often took the time in front the mirror to create new styles, while she was humming to a tune. It always fascinated and captivated me. Also, other women from different cultures inspired me who styled their headwraps in their own way, it always looked so fabulous.

After a few attempts, it did not work out. It was never as beautiful or creative as my mother or the women I saw. But I did not give up. You know the saying, “Practice makes perfect”. Now I am a pro if I say so myself. Im in love with headwraps and everything you can do with it.

After a long period of doubting, procrastination and comparing myself to others, I thought what if I started my own company. Where I sell headwraps for the women who like me, dare to be bold, creative and different. Who like to give an extra touch to their outfit.

I wanted the company to be more significant, by creating a platform that inspires women to inspire by placing passionate strong women in the spotlight who make a difference, by telling their story, displaying their talents and creativity.

This is a big challenge for me and by taking this step with my brand I hope to inspire you who are reading this to go for your dreams.

Welcome to Wrap It Up where we are not afraid to be bold, different and creative.

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